Charles Kaznyk | 14 years old | OCD, Obsessive, Controling |Face claim: Riley Griffiths | OPEN

"Production Value!"

There is no abuse, no truama, and horrible expirences in Charles life. To put it simply, he loved his movies. Even when he was very young, he had a fascination with cinema. The costuming, lighting, he loved it all, but above all else, he loved directing. As he grew older, it became an obsession. He lived a large family, and his parent for the most part didn’t care what he got up to, but they soon began to take notice. He didn’t have many friend, due to the fact he was incredibly bossy and controlling, and he didn’t have much of a release for his need to direct.  He was sent to the Institution by his parents.

Charles actually doesn’t mind it here. Though he doesn’t like how closely they’re monitored, he’s happy with his friends. His group is currently working on a movie, and he’s managed to coerce all of them to help with it in someway or another, even working up the courage to ask Alice, who he has a crush on, to be the wife.

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