Kyra Arlestson  | 14 years old | Adjustment Disorder, Sexual and Physical Abuse, PTSD | Face claim: Abigail Breslin | OPEN

Kyra’s spent most of her short life inside the gates.At least, people assumed she did. The Chosen Ones weren’t supposed to go outside the gates, but Kyra snuck out at every chance. So when she was informed she was ‘chosen’ to be wed to her uncle, all she could assume was that God had to have been punishing her for breaking the rules. Her uncle was six times her age, and she would be his seventh wife. Even thinking of her marriage made her sick to her stomach. When the Prophet decided she would have to spend an evening at her uncle’s house, and Kyra came back in tears, that was when the plan for the family to leave was set in motion.¬† Though Kyra never explained to Carmen what happened, her older sister and her were close to the point she hadn’t needed to. When the family did eventually leave, only five made it out. Carmen, Gweneth, Kyra, Jason and Benjamen. At first Kyra didn’t quite understand why they were sent to St. Britten’s, but she soon figured out.

Now at St. Britten’s, Kyra been seperated from her family, and not having been the most social to begin with, and kept mostly to herself. She’s slowly started to come out of her shell, however, but is quite scared around men and teenage boys. Having been alone, mental at least, for so long, Kyra’ begun to wonder if she truly is crazy.

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St. Britten's Institution

Welcome to St. Britten's. You wont be leaving anytime soon.