"St. Britten’s provides a safe, healthy, and healing environment for those who need it. Our staff are carefully trained and equipped, here only to help the process along."

Unlike the opening of the St. Britten Institution handbook, the true workings of the institution are much more sinister. Run by a power-hungry family, the only real aim of St. Britten’s is to make as much money as possible. Marketed as the best opion for the mentally insane, the prices are steep, the appearances are ornate, and the patients, well they’re a different story all together.

Come be a part of St. Britten’s. Learn the way to survive, and find the means to escape, because here, nothing is what it seems.

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Lella/Erin : Linus/Ella/Erin

Parole : Palani/Carole

Essie : Esther/Jessie

Halice : Hallie/Alice

Tagnes: Tucker/Agnes

Milelia: Miles/Amelia



The Misfits: Alice/Joe/Cary/Charles/Martin/Preston

The Peanuts: Lucy/Linus/Charlie B./Schroeder/Freida


The Directioners: Charlie/Palani/Linus/Tucker




Girl’s Hall:

Room 110: Madison and Alaska

Room 111: Bella and Agnes

Room 112: Alexandria and Brooklyn

Room 113: Callie and Emmi

Room 114: Elisa and Alison

Room 115: Esther and Hallie

Room 116: Paige and Jovi

Room 117: Milania and Lennon

Boy’s Hall:

Room 120: Cary and Dante

Room 121: Casey and Nathaniel

Room 122: Linus and Logan

Room 123: Palani and Trey

Room 124: Tucker and Charlie

Room 125: Jessie and Theo

Women’s Hall:

Room 210: Amelia and Carole

Room 211:

Room 212: Ella and Nora

Men’s Hall:

Room 220: Oliver and David

Room 221: John and James

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St. Britten's Institution

Welcome to St. Britten's. You wont be leaving anytime soon.