Gweneth ‘Winnie’ Arleston¬† | 8 years old | PTSD, Adjustment Disorder, Physical Abuse | Face claim: Genevieve Hannelius | OPEN

Gweneth never fit in with The Chosen Ones. She was loud, brash, and that wasn’t good inside the Gate. Only being related to her close siblings by her father, most of time was spent at her mothers house, and she didn’t have her siblings to run to when things got rough. When she found out her family was planning on leaving, she was determined to go with them. During the escape, Winnie was almost caught, but due to being to small, she was able to get away. She doesn’t quite understand why the family went to St. Britten’s.

The adjustment from her home life to her new life was easier for Winnie than for any of her siblings. She doesn’t make friend very easily, but she does fine being on her own.

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St. Britten's Institution

Welcome to St. Britten's. You wont be leaving anytime soon.