Lennon Xavier | 18 | Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Drug Addict | Face Claim: Miley Cyrus | OPEN

"I want to go back to the days where pills were candy, alcohol was water, and partying was studying"

Lennon grew up in a house hold with a dad that was always drunk and high, and a mom that was hardly home. She spent most of her years alone, locked up in her room doing homework or listening to music to escape. But as she got older and as her parents started to fight more and more, she started partying, drinking, doing drugs and having sex with whoever to make the pain of watching the once completely in love couple fight. Her parents would always try to make her stop crying when they were fighting and she was home, telling her it would be okay. That only made her snap and yell at them, telling them she hated them and wished they would die. She didn’t want to say those things, but the voices in her head pushed her so hard, she landed up falling and doing as they told. And being bipolar didn’t help that much, either. It made it so much easier for the voices to control her; to take over.

Now at St. Brittens, Lena isn’t really happy. This is hell and she wants to get out. She can’t hang out with her friends, listen to her music as loud as she wants or eat all the junk food she’d like. Lena wants to go back home, where drugs are like candy, partying is like watching TV, and drinking alcohol is like having to breath and drink water to survive. She wont hesitate to be a bitch or beat someones ass if they annoy her or are mean to her. She doesn’t take shit from anybody.

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Scarlet Clark | 17 years old | PTSD, OCD, Anxiety, Depression | Face claim: Ashley Benson | OPEN

Tucker! Stop pretending like we won’t be dead a year from now!

Neat freak, straight A, perfectionist Scarlet Clark never lived on the wild side. She excelled in school as well as charity work, and as an only child, her rich widowed mother gave her everything she could have ever dreamed of. But as the summer of her senior year began, everything in her dull and safe life suddenly changed for Scarlet. She, along with her three friends took a trip to the Bahamas. There, on one lazy warm night, the girls hopped upon a party yacht with several other young and drunk vacationers. Her friends partied, but Scarlet laid low, reading a book on a bench until a police boat appeared, sending the whole party boat into a frenzy. Scarlet, who was planning on attending one of the most elite colleges in the fall couldn’t get in trouble and risk ruining her sickeningly perfect record, so she, along with a unfamiliar young man blew up an emergency dingy and jumped onto it, soon being accidentally left in the middle of the ocean. After a day floating through the water, the two teenagers landed upon a deserted island. For one hundred days, Scarlet and the young man, Tucker, lived by themselves, eating from the land, bathing in its waterfalls, and learning to love from one another. A relationship was quickly formed between the two stranded teens, and they figured they would spent the rest of their lives there, until; a supply plane saw their SOS in the sand, and dropped down to retrieve the lost children. Back at home, Scarlet had a hard time falling back into her normal everyday routines. She, along with Tucker, quickly became the head stories on national news, and even her private lives were publicized. She was depressed, anxious, and compulsive, wanting answers from her mother and friends as to why they never looked for her while she was gone, but unfortunately, she received none. As Scarlet grew more anxious and depressed, her long distance relationship with Tucker faded into nothing. Watching her daughter wither away and having money to spend, Scarlet’s mother sent her to St. Britten’s, the best institution in the country, to try and help repair her daughters spirits and persona.

At St. Britten’s, Scarlet tries to keep a low profile. A familiar face from the hundreds of news shows done on her story, she doesn’t want any of the other patients to recognize or question her painful past. She is even more organized now than before and keeps all of her possessions in plastic bags to keep them clean and visible. As for Tucker, her first love, Scarlet wishes they both hadn’t been so damaged, and maybe, just maybe, they could of actually came home and made lives together instead of falling farther apart.

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Cam “Twin” Taylor | 17 years old | Depression, Bi-polar disorder, Prescription Drug Addiction | Face claim: Justin Bieber | OPEN

Am I really that easy to forget?

Born four minutes after his older identical twin brother, Cam “Twin” Taylor always believed he was second best. Although both brothers looked exactly the same, Cam never seemed to get the attention that his twin got. While his family was out with Daniel, doing photo shoots or attending dance competitions, Cam stayed at home, quickly turning to self medicating with prescription drugs as a way to get by. He was severely depressed, and being lost in the shadow of his brother didn’t help his disorder, and soon the young man was disconnected from his family as well as his friends. The same night Daniel ended up in the hospital with a swollen liver due to drinking, Cam was also admitted for drug overdose. Wanting to fix their broken family, the boys’ parents had no other choice but to send them to Saint Britten’s.

At St. Britten’s, Cam is trying to deal with the highs and lows that come with bipolar disorder as well as depression. He’d always been an avid reader and athletic guy, so he spends much of his time either in the library or gym, trying to avoid others. Although he is not one to start conversation, when he’s put into one he will gladly talk to others, especially girls, trying to find his way with them like his brother also has. Cam is also trying to fix his broken relationship with his identical twin.

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Daniel “Stud” Taylor | 17 years old | Narcissistic personality disorder, Manipulative, Alcoholic | Face claim: Justin Bieber | OPEN

Don’t touch me—I’m more famous than you.

Identical twin born four minutes before his younger brother, Daniel “Stud” Taylor always believed he was the best. Attractive to ninety nine perfect of girls, and extremely cunning, Stud quickly realized he could use his good looks and mega personality to manipulate his way through life. A hip hop dancer and very photogenic, Stud soon became a model for several high end fashion labels, having young girls flock to him even more. As his fame continued to grow, so did the aura that he surrounded himself in, and soon he believed he was a victor, and everyone should bow down to him. Narcissistic personality disorder was quickly developed, Daniel believed he was the best, and deserved that equally, even though he virtually was not. Stud continued to rake in the money and woman, manipulating them as well as his adult assistants, and soon he went from partying each weekend to every night, ending up in the hospital with a swollen liver due to heavy underage drinking. Feeling their twin son had lost his way, Daniel’s parents sent him, along with his depressed identical twin, Cam, to St. Britten’s in hopes of fixing their broken family.

Now at St. Britten’s, Daniel still clings to the belief that he is almighty. He thrives in the spotlight, and finds great joy in manipulating the staff and teenage girl patients. He continues to dance and use his sex appeal, but is also trying to mend his broken relationship with his identical twin brother.

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Trevelyn Bloo | 6 years old | Isolation, Abandoned, Hallucinations, Depression, Anxiety | Face claim: Bobby Coleman | OPEN

He’s an old soul; he’s figured it out.

Trevelyn Bloo never had a normal life. Being put up for adoption at the tender age of one, he was then put in foster care, and was constantly moved from house to house. Trevelyn never learned how to be part of a family, and several doctors think that his deprived childhood and loss of family love is the reason he became isolated. Because of his isolated and anxious personality, every family who have tried to adopt him, always send him back to the foster home, abandoning him further. The little boy quickly decided he was a Martian, a being from another planet, and since he didn’t understand humans, he quickly became a hermit, avoiding them all together. At the foster home, Trevelyn avoided talking to the other kids and instead, spent all day in a box with a polaroid camera, taking pictures of the Earth, and learning how to be a “human.” When an administrator from the foster home found Trevelyn on the edge of the roof, waiting for the Martians to come and get them in their spaceship, she quickly decided the little boy wasn’t fit to stay in foster care. He, and his cardboard box, were taken to St. Britten’s that same night.

Now at St. Britten’s, Trevelyn still believes he is a martian child. He finds comfort in his box and polaroid camera, and is usually in the facilities garden, taking pictures of animals, insects and people. He is slowly warming up to a few of the other patients, but remains in his box for most of the day.

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Paisley Wood | 5 years old | Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Stress  | Face claim: Makenzie Myers | OPEN

"Don’t ever do that again!"

Paisley is a firecracker.That’s probably the nicest way to describe her,though most other claim she’s a demon child. It’s true, much like her sister, Kinley, Paisley can be rude, obnoxious, and demanding, but she could have been a normal little girl. However, when Paisley was very young her mother married a rich, important CEO, and Paisley and Kinley were thrust into the public eye. Paisley didn’t handle people constantly watching her well, but she loved her new daddy, and so she put up with almost always having camera’s on her. At first, people were amazed with how well behaved Kinley and Paisley were, and they would tell the two of them that they were adorable. Both little girls believed it, but Paisley more than Kinley. She was treated like a princess, and she began to believe she should be. It got to the point when people would tell Paisley what to do, she would refuse to listen, and when people would yell at her, she’d burst in to tears. Eventually, both girl were sent to St. Britten’s so their step father could avoid bad publicity about his family. At that point, Paisley didn’t quite understand why Mr. Wood sent her and Kinley away, but she knew so no longer loved her new daddy.

At St. Britten’s, Paisley still doesn’t like listen to anyone, though she is much more likely to listen to girls then boys. She doesn’t like any of the therapy the Institution provides, and just wants her life to go back to how it was before her stepfather came.

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Kinley Wood | 6 years old | Narcissistic Personality Disorder, ADHD, Insomniac| Face claim: Princesstard | OPEN

Hello you’re supposed to be filming me!

Kinley, like her younger sister, is a firecracker. Although she is sweeter than her younger sister Paisley, Kinley is much more energetic and easily excited. When the girls’ mother married very important CEO Mr. Wood, Kinley automatically took a liking to him, and would sometimes spend all night in his office with him, playing games or performing routines with Paisley. Kinley though, was always wide awake during the wee hours of the night, and was quickly diagnosed with insomnia as well as hyperactivity and ADHD. As the girls started competiting in pagents, and also were being thrusted into the public eye, Kinley subsequently developed a personality disorder in which her rules and actions reign surpreme over all others. She soon didn’t listen to anyone and believed she was amazing and should always be the center of attention, even though that’s not how things were at her home. With bad publicity quickly approaching, Mr. Wood shipped both Kinley and Paisley to St. Britten’s to try and repair their conceited personas.

At St. Britten’s, Kinley is still as hyperactive and narcissistic as she was before. She still believes she is the best, and sometimes the nurses will find her up past her bedtime performing songs for her stuffed animals in the childrens’ playroom. Most of the younger kids find Kinley to be more friendly than her younger sister, and although both the little girls are broken, they’re slowly trying to repair and grow up here at the institution.
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Gweneth ‘Winnie’ Arleston  | 8 years old | PTSD, Adjustment Disorder, Physical Abuse | Face claim: Genevieve Hannelius | OPEN

Gweneth never fit in with The Chosen Ones. She was loud, brash, and that wasn’t good inside the Gate. Only being related to her close siblings by her father, most of time was spent at her mothers house, and she didn’t have her siblings to run to when things got rough. When she found out her family was planning on leaving, she was determined to go with them. During the escape, Winnie was almost caught, but due to being to small, she was able to get away. She doesn’t quite understand why the family went to St. Britten’s.

The adjustment from her home life to her new life was easier for Winnie than for any of her siblings. She doesn’t make friend very easily, but she does fine being on her own.

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Kyra Arlestson  | 14 years old | Adjustment Disorder, Sexual and Physical Abuse, PTSD | Face claim: Abigail Breslin | OPEN

Kyra’s spent most of her short life inside the gates.At least, people assumed she did. The Chosen Ones weren’t supposed to go outside the gates, but Kyra snuck out at every chance. So when she was informed she was ‘chosen’ to be wed to her uncle, all she could assume was that God had to have been punishing her for breaking the rules. Her uncle was six times her age, and she would be his seventh wife. Even thinking of her marriage made her sick to her stomach. When the Prophet decided she would have to spend an evening at her uncle’s house, and Kyra came back in tears, that was when the plan for the family to leave was set in motion.  Though Kyra never explained to Carmen what happened, her older sister and her were close to the point she hadn’t needed to. When the family did eventually leave, only five made it out. Carmen, Gweneth, Kyra, Jason and Benjamen. At first Kyra didn’t quite understand why they were sent to St. Britten’s, but she soon figured out.

Now at St. Britten’s, Kyra been seperated from her family, and not having been the most social to begin with, and kept mostly to herself. She’s slowly started to come out of her shell, however, but is quite scared around men and teenage boys. Having been alone, mental at least, for so long, Kyra’ begun to wonder if she truly is crazy.

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Emerson O’Connor | 15 years old | Conduct disorder, Depression, Self harm | Face claim: Taissa Farmiga |OPEN

"Good people don’t just have a bad day and start shooting people."

From a young age — ever since Emerson learned to walk and began to explore on her own, she has been a bit more than a handful. But it wasn’t until an affair cost her father his marriage, three years prior to Emerson’s admission to the mental health care center, that she plummeted into a downward spiral. Overcome with grief after the separation, Mrs. O’Connor’s ability to care properly for her daughter was hindered. Thus began Emerson’s long battle with depression. She became withdrawn and isolated from her peers over a short span of time. She even took up the habit of smoking her body weight in cigarettes, as a way to manage stress and began to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night, sometimes disappearing for days on end without word. Unable to cope with her father’s abandonment, along with her mother’s neglect, anger swelled up inside Emerson like a balloon. It exploded periodically in violent outbursts against school mates and in secrecy, against her own person. As the situation at home worsened, so did her behavior. To protect herself from the abuse suffered at the hands of her mother’s dead beat boyfriend, the walls she had fashioned around herself over time were reinforced. Though, soon as that verbal abuse turned physical, unlike her mother, Emerson rebelled against it, which ultimately led to her being institutionalized.

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St. Britten's Institution

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