Harleen “Harley” Quinn | 28 years old | Children’s Wing Psychiatrist | Face Claim: Amber Heard | TAKEN

Harley Quinn. Makes you think of the Joker’s right hand gal, right? Well, Miss Harleen is quite like the infamous villain, blue eyes, blonde, flowing locks, same high pitched and annoying voice. Not to mention her childish ways and her always willing nature to play pranks on the subjects—I mean patients. Harleen wasn’t a very popular girl in school, instead she hung back, eyes trained on the students. Watching. Waiting. Observing. By the age of eighteen, she had already decided to become a psychiatrist to the mentally deluded and unstable. It was funny though, because on her journey to become one, her problems began to blossom. You see, Harley had Brief psychotic disorder along with a strong belief she was in fact dead. (Caprgas delusion) So, really, she shouldn’t be in this line of work, considering she was just as messed up as her patients. But, hey, why let her problems get in the way of something she truly loves?

Preferred Ships: None

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Rosalie Eversten | 25 years old | Co-Supervisor of the Girls Hall |Face claim: Billie Piper | TAKEN

“Is there any other way to go, Daddy-o?”

Rosalie Eversten is the supervisor for the girl’s wing at St. Brittin’s. She’s willing to over look a lot of what the girls do, and is almost always going to turn a blind eye when she might find a boy in one of the girls rooms. A good portion of the time, she refers to the girls in the hall as ‘Her Girls’ and she’s very protective of them. She knows that a lot is wrong with St. Britten’s, and is determined to help the patients in anyway she can. She doesn’t handle any of the therapy, but she is in charge of making sure the girls get their medicine.

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St. Britten's Institution

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