Snow Ivory | 14 years old | Dependent Personality Disorder  | Face claim: Samantha Boscarino | OPEN

"It’s a good thing you’re pretty."

Snow Ivory is probably the dumbest girl you will ever meet. Her IQ is so low it’s almost illegal, and it’s a wonder she can even really tell what’s going on most of the time. That’s why she has Caitlynn, her best friend, do most things for her, and tell her what to do. The typical mean girls, and best friends since birth, Caitlynn and Snow ran the school. No one questioned them, or talked bad to their faces. The helpful part about being dumb, however, is people assume you can’t understand them. So Snow heard everything, and not long after she figured out she could do that, she knew everything about everyone. She confided everything in Caitlynn. It wasn’t odd to find Snow staying over at Caitlynn’s for days on end, when her parents would leave town without telling Snow, or when she just couldn’t remember how to get home, and didn’t want to ask for help. Again. but when the Queen family sent Caitlynn to St. Britten’s, Snow was left confused and upset. She didn’t have a purpose if she wasn’t Caitlynn’s best friend, and things that used to be easy for her were suddenly much harder. Her normally sweet demeanor had changed, and she lashed out at anyone who tried to help her, only wanting Caitlynn’s help. She was sent to St. Britten’s when her parents finally couldn’t take it anymore.

Now at St. Britten’s, Snow and Caitlynn have been reunited, and Snow couldn’t be happier. The two take every chance to remind others how much better they are than everyone else. Snow can’t figure out why the staff wants her to stop relying on Caitlynn so much, as she doesn’t think it’s hurt her or Caitlynn, so why does it matter? She also knows a lot about different patients, because like at school, people talk in front of her thinking she wont remember.

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posted 2 years ago

St. Britten's Institution

Welcome to St. Britten's. You wont be leaving anytime soon.