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Character Wanted! 

Palani Sheridan | 18 years old | Schizophrenic, OCD, Manipulator | Face Claim: Zayn Malik | OPEN

There’s a part of my clothes at the end of your bed.

Palani manipulated his way through life. Even at a young age, Palani found he could get anything he wanted through his looks and witty personality. As the youngest of four children, he was often babied by his parents and always stayed extremely charitable in their hearts. As he grew older, classmates noticed his meticulous ways of doing things, and soon started to ignore him. Palani was diagnosed with OCD, a disorder that he’d seen consume his mothers life. He would spend countless hours cleaning himself and his room, wanting everything to be, “perfect, perfect, perfect.” Without many friends present, Palani started to create them. In his head, Palani had a world full of beautiful women, spectacular places and people who only worshipped him. But at thirteen, Palani’s mother took her own life due to never being good enough, effects of her OCD; ultimately scarring young Palani beyond repair. He started to manipulate his widowed father and older siblings into giving him money, and soon Palani started to dabble into the world of cocaine, and alcohol. The voices in his head, and OCD became too much to handle with his addiction, and his father quickly placed him into the care of St. Britten’s.

At St. Brittens, Palani finds great interest in the female patients. After being slowly relieved from his cocaine addiction, women were his next target. He uses his good looks; black hair, shadowy eyes, and great sense of style to capture them, and his manipulative personality to make him his own for one night. None of the nurses know about his fiending sexual desires or sensuous personality, and that only fuels him further. Danger makes the voices in Palani’s mind go wild. And he loves every moment of it.

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St. Britten's Institution

Welcome to St. Britten's. You wont be leaving anytime soon.